Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Happens When Four Pairs Meet One Owner?

Helen is by far my favorite client, for a multitude of reasons. She's open to suggestions, not afraid to take risks, and allows me creative freedom when I desperately crave it. Our professional relationship has blossomed since she first commissioned Redo My Shoe over a year ago, when I lived in La Canada. I believe she sent me multiple pairs for her first order; a Corneille in Heliotrope, a Pigalle slated for Vitrail Medium, a Batignolles done in a Fire Opal scheme, and my favorite: the Vitrail Light-strassed Lipsinka. All completely different looks with one creative brain at the helm. Well, two, if you include me! I don't even know what  number I'm on now, but we have two upcoming pairs that you're all going to drool over. Her current taste has graduated from full strass to partial strass; meaning, she's realized that full strass isn't always the most wearable nor convenient route to take when sprucing up an outfit. A shoe completely covered in Swarovski is where my specialties lie, but she likes the option of toning her choices down when she, say, wants to wear a pair to work. Contrary to the photos below, we have some exciting projects coming down the pike that will be utilizing sew-on stones and well as mixed media applications. A venture outside our normal aesthetic, but beautiful nonetheless. She's like me, in the sense that we like to mix it up. Conventional is boring. It doesn't entice our minds nor does it stimulate our eyes. As you can see, Helen likes a variety of crystal. No shoe below is like the other, and that's how it should always be.

Christian Louboutin Feticha in Lady Magma strass.

Christian Louboutin Melita in Fantasme strass.

Nicholas Kirkwood in Lady Ocean strass.

Christian Louboutin Princess in Don't Make Me Blush strass.