Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Helen's Lipsinka 120mm in Moonlight strass.

Talk about a transformation. Moonlight is one of the most underrated Swarovski crystals currently in production, at least in my opinion. I remember back when I first started offering this service to my clients, a customer was considering using Moonlight instead of clear Crystal on here shoes. Having only a color chart for reference, I suggested she just stick with Crystal; my reasoning being that they looked exactly the same(and that the former was cheaper). Boy, was I wrong. To the naked eye, Moonlight appears to be just that: a clear stone. But upon further examination, it's graced with reflections of blue and the softest hints of beige. I'd venture to classify it as a unisex stone; one a sneaker or a heel it'd look fabulous. On Helen's Lipsinka, I really wanted to highlight the undertones of blue so I painted the leather cerulean. A custom blend, of course. The results are just jaw-dropping. I mean, this is a completely differently shoe. Dare I say it - even with that pique heel - more feminine and softer than before. And oh so wearable. I'd pair it with a sky blue Herve Leger in a heartbeat.

Strassing: $800 / Painting: $35 / Shipping: $35