Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Michelle's iPhone4 Cases in Heliotrope and Ombre Fade Strass.

Upon contacting me, Michelle knew for sure she wanted Heliotrope on one of her cases. As for the other one, she suggested an ombre fade from purple to pink. I agreed, having never executed a fade before. The perfectionist that I am, I was nervous to try my hand at this type of pattern. My main concern being that the fade wouldn't look fluid. As such, it took me awhile to complete the second case. I started by placing one size, then filled in the rest from there. Surprisingly, using 16ss and 20ss aided in this process because I was better able to tie in certain colors with a concentrated hue. On the faded case I used a combination of Amethyst, Purple Velvet, Heliotrope, Ruby, Fuchsia, Rose, Vitrail Light, and Violet. I think using a mixture of at least five colors is where you should start when working with an ombre design, as you need similar colors to make the fade look more natural. Keep in mind both these cases were a textured ivory, which I sanded and painted. I recently got the iPhone 5C, and after having completed these two without question I will be assembling multiple cases for myself.

Strassing: $250

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