Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bingle's Fastissima 120mm in Jet Nut strass.

These have been a pet project of mine, collecting dust for almost two years until one day I decided to just go for it. I painted them blue and began strassing the pair with Preciosa Jet AB crystals. And like most of my personal projects, I became bored with the idea. As such, I ripped the crystals off and brainstormed a plan B. I was in the process of strassing two pairs of Pigalle 120 at the time - one in Silver Night and the other in Crystal Dorado, both having been painted that bronze-y milk chocolate tone. I had extra paint, so I went ahead and painted these Fastissima having no clue what stone I'd use on them. Well, I had purchased a bunch of Jet Nut awhile back to use on my own sneakers, but again I never got around to working with them. So those too were collecting the proverbial dust in a jar somewhere. When I'm struck with inspiration, I go for it. I'm impulsive that way. Luckily, my spontaneity paid off. Jet Nut worked beautifully on this particular style and transformed a rather edgy-looking bootie into a more wearable shoe. Well, 'wearable' is used loosely.

Strassing: $1,600/Painting: $55/Shipping: $50


  1. High heel's are not preferred but with the design and the style these shoes will look great.It is highly recommended for parties.

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  2. Is it bad that i want to get under those covers and cuddle with them?
    Owning a pair of CL's is a dream, but owning a pair of CL's strassed by you is the cherry on top :)