Friday, September 6, 2013

Andy's bowtie in Dark Indigo strass.

In an attempt to reacher a broader audience - both financially and taste-wise - bowties are one of the many ventures I'm pursuing at the moment. The idea came to frutiion about three weeks ago, when I wore a black satin H&M bowtie to an event I was working with my friend. I absolutely loved the style it added to my otherwise casual outfit. So naturally I thought, You have all these extra crystals, so why not use them?! And I did, crystallizing a vintage bowtie I picked up from an estate sale in gold Aurum crystals. The result was stunning, and my followers loved the concept. For the first time in months, I became giddy about my job. I mean, this is something both men and women can wear. At an affordable pricepoint, too. In addition, it's a product I can pump out in half a day's time, making it accesible for me to wear and my clients to commission on a short notice. Plus, I only use one size stone which makes the ordering process so much more efficient. The bowtie below was ordered for $135 and used Dark Indigo Swarovski crystals. I loved the look of this one so much that I decided I need one for myself. If you're interested in commissioning your very own, know that all bowties are purchased from H&M and will be strassed with either 9ss or 12ss Swarovski 2028/2058 or Preciosa VIVA12 rhinestones. A $135 bowtie will use neutral colors like Sapphire, Siam, Crystal, etcetra. A $145 piece will utilize the AB stones and more expensive Effects crystals like Vitrail Medium and Volcano. And a $155 will be be strassed with 24K gold-plated Aurum stones, which shine like crazy. I wore mine out last weekend and definitely elicited second glances from people walking down the street, but that's the point right?

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